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moving away or standing still?

August 29, 2015

Over the past few days, I’ve been thinking (and to be honest dreaming) a lot about people with whom I was once very close and now seldom or never see or talk to.  In most of these situations, as with so many in life, it’s not there was some big event or even a real reason why we drifted apart.  But gradually it changed so that now I suddenly realize it’s been years since we talked.  Or in other cases, I realized that we missed the usual places that we see each other or the events we get together to celebrate.

This pondering brought to mind a quote, that I have known for years.  “Perhaps it is you who has moved away, simply by standing still”.  Having this quote pop into my head, made me wonder -‘ am I the one moving away or am I the one standing still?’.  I’m not really sure it’s as simple as one or the other, but it did give me one more thing to think about.

I miss these people and wish our paths did cross and that we would see each other more frequently, without it taking such an effort to make it happen.  But maybe not wanting to put in the effort, to reach out and try to find a date to get together, to take the time to send the email (and not just feel caught up on their life though their BBM status, twitter posts, or facebook updates), or to pick up the phone and call… maybe not putting in the effort is the “standing still part”.  …..  Aaaah the insight that comes from writing down our ponderings.

So if you are feeling disconnected from people in your life, are you moving away or standing still?  Perhaps it doesn’t really matter which, as the outcome is the same.  But the action required to change the situation might be different.


Footnote about the Quote – The quote is from a play called Inherit the Wind.  I confess I had to google it to remember the source.  I’m so glad I did google, as it reminded me of how impactful that play was in my life.  It was required reading in high school (maybe grade 10 or 11).  But in University, a friend and I re-read it aloud to each other during a car drive.  It’s a great play.

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  1. Rochelle permalink

    Just wanted to send u a hug. U are a very talented writer. I had no idea u were a blogger (and have been spending the last hour just reading your blogs–catching up on your life). And we will get together soon to catch up in real life. I want to see “the sky”.

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