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September 3, 2015

Sometimes when I have lots of blog ideas, I start a post and save it as a draft.  Many times there isn’t much that get started other than a subject line and few random points.

This started as one of the posts.  Tonight as I was motivated to write but not sure what to write about, I checked my ‘drafts’ list and was drawn to this subject line “more…”.  I didn’t remember what I was thinking about when I put this in the draft list and when I opened the draft post, one of the things written down was: “should check if wrote about something like this before“.  I’m sure I have written about this before.  And if you are regular reader and remember what I wrote in the past, I’m sorry.  But, something else I’ve probably written many times that we often need to read or hear something more than once for them to sink in.  So back to the “more…” theme.

I think we spend a lot of time talking about and trying to be “less” something.  To weigh less. To watch less TV or to spend less time playing computer games.  To be less frustrated by our children/mother/co-workers (you pick which one applies).  To be less than what we are.

While while focusing on more can be just as debilitating and challenging, it’s good once in a while to just ponder what we want more of in our lives.  Or perhaps even better, what we already have more of.

The original draft of this blog that I wrote a year and a half ago, included the following things on the “more” list.

  • More time with friends – less worries about doing it “right”
  • more concerts
  • more playing the piano

The more time with friends and more concerts make sense to me, but I really don’t know what or who I was thinking about when I said “more playing the piano”.

Today as I think about more, I would add these things:

  • more laughter
  • more evenings spent having drinks with friends and co-workers
  • more books to read
  • more songs to sing along to
  • more driving with the top down on the convertible (not caring if it’s a bit cold, or this week a bit hot).

I don’t know what is on your ‘less’ list or your ‘more’ list.  But today I encourage you to embrace “more…”, whatever your personal more might be.


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