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cohort starting grade 9

September 13, 2015

Among our friends, there were a number of kids born the summer we go married.  It’s easy for me to keep track of those kids and how old they are.  And this past week, those kids were part of the cohort that started grade 9.

Now you might think this is going to be a post about feeling old.  And I can see how it could easily go that way.  But I’m feel fresh and positive after a wonderful week of vacation (more about that in future posts), and so this post isn’t about feeling old – it’s about feeling hopeful.

As I sat behind one of those kids in church this morning, and focused on him during the “backpack blessing” (for all those young and old going to school), I thought about what a great group of kids they are.  I thought about my first day of grade 9.  How I thought I knew so much about life, when I had experienced so little of life at that point.  I thought about how grade 9 was such a year of new experiences, new people (some that remained friends and some that I learned weren’t going to be life-long friends), exposure to new ideas (English class in Grade 9 was a place of new ideas and ways of thinking about things), and opportunities I hadn’t previously imagined.

The world has changed, but in some ways not so much.  That young man in front of me at church, is on the cusp of a similar year.  And I feel confident that he, along with the other kids born that year, are going to do great things.  I can’t predict where life is going to take them, and despite what they might think, they don’t really know either.  But I see the people they are becoming and I feel good about the future of our community and our world.  I feel blessed to know this group of kids (the young man in front of me at church and the others in this group), and I’m excited to see not only what this year holds for them, but also the years to come.  Like I said, I think they are going to be great.  And so instead of feeling old about the group of kids born the year I got married starting high school, I feel hope.



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