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Hiking Day with Mixed Reviews

September 20, 2015

There were some good moments and some not so good moments on today’s hike.

  • Beautiful weather – Good
  • The fact that because it was beautiful everyone else was out hiking and it was tricky to find parking – Not so Good
  • Inconsistency in the guide book about the need to pay for parking – Not so Good
  • That we brought along money – Good
  • Poorly marked trails in the Hilton Falls Conservation Area – Not so Good
  • We have the Bruce Trail App which quick frequently checked and so didn’t veer too far down the poorly marked trails – Good
  • Our inability to find the trail was at the beginning of the day, when hiking a couple extra kilometres didn’t seem like such a big deal – Good
  • We had a chance to find a good parking spot for next time that will eliminate a side trail AND Hilton Falls Conservation area parking fees – Good
  • Views of the Toronto sky line – Good
  • The bridge wasn’t as scary as I thought it would be – Good
  • Limited up and down, as the majority of the hike we were on top of the escarpment – Good
  • Not falling off the escarpment or into a crevice (see photo below that doesn’t do the crevice justice) – Good
  • The view of the Scotch Block pumpkin palooza patch (look carefully at photo 3 below)
  • The horrible, rocky, rooty section of trail near the end that made us wonder how the woman who is blind who ran the trail ever survived – Not so Good
  • Packing and getting organized seemed to take both of us no time at all – Good
  • Finishing page 12 in the guide book – Good
  • Feeling a bit achy and out of hiking practice – Not so Good
  • The Photos below – Good



pumpkins 20SEP15

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