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I said and then I did it…

September 28, 2015

A year ago, we were at the Distillery District in Toronto and as we sat there, we saw people finishing up after the Toronto Beer Run.  Despite being a “new runner” (I’m sure I wasn’t running more than 2 or 3 km at the time), I said told the people I was with that next year I was going to do it.   And yesterday, along with 4 other friends, I did do it.  I did the Toronto Beer Run – over 11 km and 5 glasses of beer later, I finished.   I didn’t focus my training on the right aspects (I was worried about the running, I should have been practicing the drinking), but in the end it didn’t matter. Running through the streets of Toronto, cheering and high-fiving was so much fun!  We had a blast, and have some great stories and pictures to share.

But the reason I’m blogging about this, is not actually about the beer run.  Rather, it’s because too often I talk about and dream about something and then it takes forever to happen or in some cases I never get around to doing it.  In this case, I talked about it and I did it.  It would have been easy to post-pone this particular adventure.  To say that I need to “train” more, to wait until it worked for more of my friends to do it with me, to just never register.  Too often we wait for things to be perfect when really we should just do them.  I’m glad I’ve got a great example when this approach to life worked out and resulted in a super fun day.


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