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3 days of Hiking

October 16, 2015

We just finished 3 days in a row of hiking.  We know that as we get farther north, we get farther away from home and that it is the travel to the trail that will take up our time.  Given this, we wanted to get some practice hiking for 3 days in a row with relatively short distances.

Here are our stats: Wednesday – 10.1 km; Thursday about 14.5 km; and this morning 7km.   For a total of 31.6 km.  We finished pages 21 and 22 in the book.

What is important to note is that we completed all these days with minimal difficulty.  And this was in spite of a horrible looking forecast.  We hiked through rain on Thursday near the end of the day.  And about half of our hike this morning was in the rain (knowing this was likely was a big reason we only did 7 km today).  The nice part is that we can do 7 or 8 km without it really feeling like a big deal.

Highlights and Lowlights from these 3 days include:

  • staying at a B&B that was literally on the trail
  • the majority of these sections was easy hiking and we made good time
  • the horrible muddy, steep, very long switchback section through Devils’ Glen (it didn’t help that this where it started to rain)
  • mixing things up by hiking south sometimes (we usually hike north)
  • I left my salt shaker (to go with my hard boiled eggs) on a lovely little bridge where we stopped for a break on the first day
  • starting off in the sunshine despite the weather apps saying it should be raining
  • beautiful fall views
  • being a bit disappointed that Blue Mountain club has done a better job of marking Freedom Rock which apparently has interesting things craved into the rock, but we missed enough though we looked around in the right place
  • seeing almost nobody else on the trail
  • the only people we did see, we saw this morning and it turns out it was the 2 people from Ottawa we passed in the spring near Georgetown
  • poorly marked blazes if going south at a cross road
  • passing a school cross country running meet and seizing the opportunity to use the port-a-potties they had brought in and set on the edge of the road
  • not singing (I would have but….)
  • being glad we aren’t as hard core as other hikers which meant we didn’t get as wet as we could of AND that we were finished and driving home before we saw the heavy rain mixed with snow pellets
  • having more food than necessary
  • not falling in a cave/crevice
  • the picnic table in the middle of nowhere – basically 1 km into our hike on the first day
  • hearing our phones chime in course as friends included both of us in a group text
  • passing by the camping site and being glad we don’t camp and hike
  • not too many ups and downs (just the one horrible nasty big down and then big up… oh and that hill on the road section today… – but other than that not too many)
  • feeling great that we are still hiking

All in all it was a good 3 days of hiking.  We made it through cold and some rain and were basically still smiling at the end.

Here are a few pictures – not as many as some times and I feel they don’t do justice to the colours.

hiking4 15OCT15

hiking1 15OCT15

hiking3 15OCT15

hiking2 15OCT15

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