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Hiking – Summary of Year 2

October 18, 2015

We had a good hiking season this year.  I guess we could maybe still squeeze in another hike yet this fall, but we haven’t talked about it and so given that, it’s highly likely that our hiking season is done.

As I said, it’s been a good  year.  We learned things and became more experienced hikers.  We feel that hiking the entire Bruce Trail isn’t just a passing idea, but a realistically achievable goal.  We might have originally thought we could do it in 5 years, but no see that 7 years might be more realistic.  We could do it in 5 if we really wanted to, but one thing we are committed to is enjoying the experience.  We have found a pace and daily distance that works for us.  We know that the last 2 km will be crappy, regardless of how far we are going.  But we also know that we don’t want to get to a point where we hate it.  This year we hiked on very hot days, crossed snow on the trail in the spring, through mud, with bugs, and more than once in the rain.  We survived these challenges, but each time spoke openly that we were happy we weren’t going farther on any one of those days.  We can get organized and ready to hike in significantly less time, but sometimes despite our best efforts we still can’t find the parking spot.  We have learned it’s better to keep going from where you have started/stopped in the past, rather than randomly pick spots in the middle.  We feel good about what we have learned and achieved.

Here are a few stats about our year:

  • we hiked on 11 days (vs 6 in 2014)
  • we hiked a total of 134.7 km (vs 75.9 in 2014)
  • we finished 8 pages in the guide
  • we finished one section of the trail – the Dufferin Hi-Lands
  • our grand total of kms is 210.6, leaving us with less than 700 to complete

It was a good hiking year.


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