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It’s Polar Bear Week

November 3, 2015

It’s hard to believe that a year ago I was getting ready for our trip to Churchill Manitoba to see the polar bears.  In many ways it seems like much longer than a year.  And yet, if I close my eyes and think about that trip it all comes back and feels like only a couple of weeks ago.  I can picture the bears on the tundra and remember all the various parts of the trip and the full experience.



Prior to a year ago, I wasn’t really that interested in polar bears or the arctic.  But all that changed when I saw it up close, met the people, scanned the horizons for the bears, and experienced it all first hand.   How would we feel differently or care more deeply about other things if we spent even a week experiencing it?  For me a 5 day vacation, a year ago changed me so that I now think it’s worth telling others that it’s Polar Bear Week.  Think about all the hungry bears heading back to the ice.  It’s a beautiful thing to see first hand.


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