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the green light

November 8, 2015

The people who live in the house at the end of my lane way recently installed a generator beside their garage.  On the side of the generator that faces my house, there is a green light.  This green light is always on.  I see it every time I look toward the road, every time I drive out my lane way.

This green light at the end of my lane way, has reminded me that in high school I wrote a paper on the symbolism of the green light in the novel The Great Gatsby.  There is a green light in the Great Gatsby, Gatsby sees it from his house, and I wrote a paper on it.  In a somewhat ironic turn of events, I can’t actually remember what the green light symbolism actually was.  I could (but I won’t) spend several sentences writing about the possible reasons that I can remember that I wrote a paper on the symbolism of the green light in The Great Gatsby, but can’t remember what the symbolism actually was (e.g. is it me, is the education system, is it the actual lack of symbolism but every student needs a paper topic….).  Who knows why we remember what we remember and forget what we forget.  What I’ve found interesting is that a small green light located a quarter of a mile away, has made me remember a high school english paper.  I remember the teacher, the classroom, my fellow learners in the class, the struggle to pick a topic to write about on the Great Gatsby.  Life is full of strange little moments that take us back and tweak our memories.  I’m grateful for these types of experiences that help us remember who we were, how we’ve changed, and how we haven’t.  It’s just a green light on a generator and yet it’s made me remember so much.  What’s taken you back to another time and place?



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