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November 14, 2015

I working hard these days at saying “yes” more.  Not necessarily to tasks but to opportunities and activities.  It’s easy to get in the habit of saying no.  Of doing what I’ve always done.  Of not trying new things.  And so lately, I’ve been telling myself to make my default “yes”.  Okay so in reality, my yes is closer to a “why not”, where I force myself to question why first reaction is to say “no”. But the end result is that I’m trying things I normally don’t (like green beans), and I’m doing things I might not normally do (being the cocoon/butterfly in the skit).  And you know in general it’s working out.

There is a song that includes the lyrics “and if you get the choice to sit it out or dance, I hope you dance“.  I might not be embracing the dancing yet, but I’m working on not sitting things out.  Another thing I’m doing in my 40th year.


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  1. lindaI permalink

    Good to know. I’m going to start wording my questions to you accordingly.

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