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November 30, 2015

On Saturday I attended a funeral.  It’s a bit strange to be at the point in my life where I realize that is will not be a rare event, but will occur with greater and greater frequency in the coming years.  In this specific case, it was the funeral of Russell’s cousin, as he noted when we got home “it was the first of the first cousins on the one side of his family”.  It’s a sad milestone to acknowledge.

Similarly, I remember when several years ago I noted that I was at first funeral of the parent of one of my friends.  The realization that the generation ahead of me had started to die was challenging for me to comprehend.  This too was a sad milestone to acknowledge.

The awareness that there will be more funerals in my future isn’t something I look forward to.  But then again I’m not sure anyone would say they enjoy going to funerals.  And yet with every funeral I attend, in the midst of the tears and sadness, I am always a little bit in awe of the sense of connection and community that is present.  At funerals it is always evident that people care about one another, that as individuals we are parts of families and communities and circles of friends and all of these things are interconnected.

So no I don’t look forward to more funerals as I get older, but I realize that each funeral I attend is a reflection of the many friends, family and connections I have – connections that are meaningful and worthy of my presence and participation in this time of sadness and grief.


PS – Sorry if this post left you feeling sad, that was not my intent.  It’s just the things that have been on my mind the past couple of days.  I’m not sure my writing truly did my ponderings justice.  So I’ll trust my words will not make you sad and depressed, but rather will cause you to also think about the many friends, family and important people who touch your life.

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  1. Sue Barrington permalink

    Thanks Megan for sharing, funerals are sad but often being there with others sharing your grief is really comforting.

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