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growing older – the cons and pros

January 10, 2016

Today I lamented with a friend over twice my age about the physical challenges of growing old.  Why he shared about his eye sight decreasing and how he might need glasses (which really for a man in his 80s it’s rather impressive that he hasn’t needed glasses before this); I empathized.  I confirmed that while we may be experiencing different things, I too had recently experienced a sense of my body feeling old.  It’s really not fun when the common answer for physical aches, ailments, and challenges is that “you aren’t as young as you used be”.   I feel I took my body for granted in my twenties and it’s only now that I fully appreciate how fearfully and wonderfully we truly are made.

But this post isn’t just about the cons of aging.  It’s also about the pros.  Several times over the past few months, I’ve paused and reflect on the fact that I like my life and that I’m happy with the person I am (and am still becoming).  I loved my twenties, but more comfortable with myself than I was then.  There is a peace and personal comfort that comes with age.  I’m becoming a overall happier me, more sure of who I am and the things that help me be the me I want to be.

Neither of these things happen overnight.  Gradually, bit by bit, things change as we age.  Growing older comes with both pros and cons.  I don’t think I would trade the physical aches and pains if it meant losing the personal comfort.  Maybe being okay with our physical changes is part of becoming more comfortable with our whole selves.  Maybe that’s part of growing older too.


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