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do it anyway…

February 7, 2016

There are many situations in life that if you wait long enough they with either go away or someone else will do them.  For example, eventually snow melts, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t value in shoveling someone’s walk.  Or if you leave the dishes in the sink, eventually someone will wash them; but that doesn’t mean putting your dish in the dishwasher won’t be appreciated.  If you put off doing a project long enough (at work or at home), chances are that given time, you (or the people around you) will no longer think it needs to be completed (or they will have decided another project is more important); but that doesn’t mean it wouldn’t have been a great project to complete.

It’s true that most of the time, most things will get addressed sooner or later.  But that doesn’t mean it isn’t better to err on the side of sooner.  Similarly, just because nobody is asking you do to something, doesn’t mean it’s not worth doing.  It’s easy to sit back and not do something or to wait for someone else to step forward and do it.  But I’d encourage you to be the kind of person that does these things anyway.  Be the person who does something helpful to others, put up your hand first, do the project nobody is nagging you about, shovel the snow even though it will melt eventually.  The world needs more people who show this kind of leadership, who know that “doing it anyway” will make a difference, who demonstrate that sometimes sooner is better than later.




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