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living with the grey

February 11, 2016

I’m a person who loves an answer.  Who is more comfortable with clarity and absolutes.   I like knowing what the rules are and where the line is.

Having said all that, I know we live in a world of grey.  There isn’t much that is totally black and white in this world.  There is never a situation where one size fits all.  The answer to any question or dilemma is generally situation specific.  That extreme, firmly held positions are seldom helpful.

I like absolutes, but I know they can be the easy way out.  Absolutes let us off the hook of listening to the other person.  And absolutes/rules are known to come up again situations that they don’t fit with.   Absolutes seldom leave room for grey.

I like to talk about best practices, guiding principles, and rules; but deep down I’m happy knowing there is lots of grey.  It’s in the ‘grey’ that there is have freedom and flexibility.  It’s in the ‘grey’ that we can listen to our gut, even when it goes against the evidence.  It’s in the ‘grey’ that there is room for grace.  It’s in the ‘grey’ that our humanity shines.


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