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too much to do, not enough time

February 20, 2016

Earlier this week, I read the following statement: We are always under tight deadlines, because time is our most valuable asset.

It hit home.  The past few weeks have felt more “full” and “busy” than usual at work.  Things are always busy, but the past few have felt especially so.  That there is more do, than hours to do it in.

I like the statement above because it reminded me that I won’t ever really change this sense of busy-ness.  If I am doing good and important work, then there will never be enough time.  If I work with fantastic, hard working, people who care about the people their work impacts, there will never be enough time.  If I have ambitious goals about what I hope we could achieve, there will never be enough time.

Time is our most valuable resource and there will never be enough.  But maybe instead of talking about how busy I am and how there aren’t enough hours in the work week; I need to reframe those statements.  Instead maybe I need to remember that we are hard-working, ambitious people, who really care about what we do and the impact it has on peoples lives.  Maybe we need to spend a few extra minutes focusing on the fun and the happy.  Spend a bit of that time, talking about what got done, not what is left to do.  Maybe I need to stop thinking there will ever be enough time to do it all and instead celebrate what was done with the time I had; and then believe that it is enough.


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  1. This is so great Meg! Thanks for your attitude-change provoking musings and thoughts.

  2. Thanks Megan; I’ll share this with my District team this week – maybe we’ll stop and have a few minutes of fun.

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