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music & memories & friends from long ago

April 3, 2016

In the past week, I’ve been to 2 different concerts.  Both were fantastic!  Both worthy of the “go to more concerts” philosophy.

As it turns out, both concerts were musicians that I listened to more in high school than I do these days.  During both concerts I was reminded of a friend I no longer see.  In one case, it was a friend who also loved Garth Brooks.  In the second case, it was a friend with whom I attended my first Spirit of the West concert.  The thing is, neither of these friends are people I have contact with.  In both cases, I wanted to reach out to the person and share the concert  moment with them.  These days most people are on facebook or some other social media platform that provides them with a low-commitment way to stay connected to people from their past.  I’m not one of those people, I have no easy way to connect with either of these past friends.  These concerts are making me think I should be on facebook.  And yet, it does feel strange to reach out to someone for no other reason than to say “thanks for sharing the love of music with me, no need to reconnect”.  Because that is really I feel the need to say.

Maybe I need to be okay with just living with this feeling – this feeling of wanting to share a moment with someone I no longer see.  Past generations (those without facebook) did it all the time.  Friends move on, our lives change, it’s okay to grow apart.  And yet as I’ve written about before, sometimes we do things that take us back to a different time and a different place and wish we could share those experiences with the people who were with us then.

There is no moral with this post, no life lesson, no encouragement to action.  Just my reflections and laments for the people who helped shape my musical interests, who were part of my formative years, and who are special people, whether I am still in touch with them or not.  Then again, if there is a message, it’s “go to more concerts” – so far I’m not regretting buying the tickets.



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