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rare events & asking why

May 17, 2016

When something rare and unexpected happens, we often find ourselves asking why.  But as you read that statement, I bet you are were thinking about rare, unexpected NEGATIVE events – at least I was when I wrote it.

Over that past few days, as I’ve been in a place of asking “why” and of trying to understand God’s plan, I’ve also realized that I’m less likely to feel this way when unexpected, rare POSITIVE events happen.  I don’t usually feel like my faith is being tested or to wonder why when something great happens.  Generally I just revel in whatever great thing has happened and don’t begin to think about a bigger plan, or why it happened, or if it makes sense, or if I ‘deserve’ this to happen to me.

Maybe all this a result of my tendency towards pessimism.  Or maybe this is something all of us tend to do.  All I know, is that while I’ve worked on processing a recent unexpected, rare, negative thing that happened in my life; I’ve also been processing my inconsistent responses to rare, unexpected events.  This doesn’t make the negative event any less negative.  But sometimes it helps to take a moment and think about if the answer to “why” is really what we need.  I don’t need an answer to ‘why’ when something good happens.  So maybe instead of searching for why and trying to understand, in negative situations, we also just need to focus on being in the moment and feeling the sadness, loss, disappointment, or whatever other emotion we are experiencing.


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