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July 31, 2016

Dayenu is a Hebrew word that means “It would have been enough”.  It is used within the context of giving thanks to God.  According to the book I’m reading it is from a Jewish song.  Sharing some of the words from that song will help you understand the meaning of the word:

“If God had brought us out of Egypt, dayenu (it would have been enough);

If God had split the sea for us, dayenu (it would have been enough);

If God had led us through on dry land, dayenu (it would have been enough);…”

Since learning this word, I’ve been thinking of how so often in life we want something more, we want something different, we want to change something/someone/some situation.  And yet, I have so much.  So many things, so many opportunities, so many supporting and caring people in my life.  All these things really are “enough”.  If I had nothing more in life, what I have truly would be enough.  There is nothing wrong with goals, with striving for better, with dreaming of something more or different.  But in doing that, we need to be cautious, as I’m pretty confident that for most of you reading this blog, you have already been blessed with more than enough.

Take some time and think of all the aspects of your life where you can add “dayenu” to the end of the sentence – where you can say  “it would have been enough”.

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