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Life can be like a Kaleidoscope

August 13, 2016

Did you have a kaleidoscope when you were a kid?  I don’t think there was one in my house, but as I recall there was one in my grandparents house.  It couldn’t have been a fancy version.  But it worked like all kaleidoscopes, you would look into the tube, see a pattern, turn the end of the tube, and suddenly a new pattern.  It only took a very slight turn of the tube for the pieces to shift and an entirely new pattern would appear.

Sometimes life feels like a kaleidoscope.  You are going along, thinking all is fine, coping with the daily ups and downs that are part of life.  But then a tiny shift, a turn of the tube (so to speak), causes what feels like a major shift in how you think or feel or are coping.  With the kaleidoscope in my grandparents living room, I had full control over the change in pattern, I could turn or not turn the tube.  In real life, we don’t have that luxury, things happen and the pattern changes often without our direct influence.  Part of being connected to others is that sometimes they turn the tube for us.

In the kaleidoscope, the new pattern is usually just as beautiful as the previous one.  In life, the shift or change isn’t necessarily negative either.  But I’m well aware that I’m one of those people for whom change, even good change, is hard.  The turn of the kaleidoscope easily throws me off balance.  Even when the change is good and I agree with the outcome, sometimes I just need support and time to get through the transition, before I can fully appreciate the new pattern.


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