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Hot day for a Hike

August 21, 2016

Yesterday was a hot day for a hike, but we went anyway.  The good news was for most of our day we were in the bush and hiking through Glen Haffy Conservation area.  It was a beautiful section to hike, just a bit of road near the beginning and then clearly marked, well maintained trails.  We encountered a few other hikers going the other way, some who appeared to be more hard-core than us with their pant leg cuffs, sweat towels around their neck, and clean, crisp outfit.  We also encountered a few hikers who appeared to be less hard-core than us, who appeared to be out for a slow stroll and another who we worried was going to have a health emergency from the extra effort required to say “hi” to us.

In addition to being outdoorsy (as evident by the fact that we hiked on a hot day), apparently yesterday we were also risk takers.  There is a point in this section of trail where we needed to cross the 4 lane, 80 km Highway 9.  It really did feel like we were risky our lives, but we made it!  The only indication of this situation in the guide book is that after telling you to cross to the north side of the road, the term (use extreme caution) appears in bold.  The guide book really doesn’t do the situation justice.

Today’s section of trail was part of the 18 km we needed to complete to finish up “the middle”.   One more day of hiking and we will have done all the way from the 401 to Collingwood.  When I look at the total trail map and realize how far that is, it’s a good reminder that slowly but surely progress is made and large goals can be accomplished.

So the fall hiking season has begun!  More hiking blog posts to come.


One Comment
  1. marni permalink

    Congrats ladies…both on having successfully crossed hwy 9, and covering a huge portion of the trail! 🙂

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