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words that should be on repeat in my head

September 6, 2016

The words below are not my own.

But when I read them, I feel like they are what I should have written on my wall, popping up on my phone, posted over my computer, stuck on the front of my fridge, and constantly repeating in my head.  The day the content below first appeared in my email inbox, I thought “how did he know I needed to be told this today?”.  And just now when I read the content to copy and paste into this blog to share with you, I thought almost the same thing.  Maybe I need to to be told them every day.

The words below are not my own.  Likely because the words we need to have written on our wall, appearing on our phones, posted on over our computers, stuck to the fridge, and on repeat in our heads on not words we would write.  We don’t always write the words we need to hear.  We need others to write them for us.  We need others to tell us what we don’t say to ourselves.

The words below are not my own, but regardless they are words I need to see, read and remember.

Of course your behavior is justifiable.

That’s not the question.

The question is, “is it helping?”

It’s easy to justify our mood or our actions based on how we’ve been treated by the outside world. Justification isn’t the goal, though. It’s effectiveness that matters.

We get to pick how we act, and it seems as though choosing what works, choosing what makes us happy, choosing what makes the world the place we want to make it–these choices are more useful than any justification we can dream up.


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  1. marni permalink

    Love this!

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