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perfect fall day for a hike

September 25, 2016

Yesterday on the first day where the weather actually felt like fall, we hiked.  It was the perfect day for hiking.  We stayed in Flesherton the night before, and were on the trail by 9 am.  We hiked the Beaver Valley section basically from Metcalfe Rock to Old Baldy.  We didn’t actually hike to Old Baldy, but were in that parking lot.  There landmarks (particularly Old Baldy) mean something to people from that area, I just learned about them Friday night when I checked the map in more detail.

It was a beautiful morning, the steam rolled off the little ponds and even off the grass on the side of the road as we drove to our starting point.  One lone deer stood in the middle of a bean field.

The first half of the hike was quiet and we didn’t see anyone.  But during the second half we were in and around Duncan Crevis Caves Provincial Nature Reserve and there were people and dogs and babies at every turn.

The hike was rather uneventful.  A few sections with lots of rocks and moss and a path that is not designed for people with only one-bendy knee; but slow and steady always works.  As we neared the end, we reflected that there were really no massive hills, which is always a bonus, as we don’t particularly like going down and we for sure don’t like going up.  This section also included a spot where we walked down between 2 massive pieces of the Niagara Escarpment, I think really only the second time we have been in a spot like that.

I often think I should be doing a better job of documenting which sections I would recommend to others.  So for the record, this area is one.  It’s what we all imagine hiking the Bruce Trail to be, with a good mix of rocks and trees and spots to look out over the Beaver Valley.  Although it would have been even more spectacular in a few days/weeks when the leaves have changed.

All in all a good day of hiking!

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