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we have done the middle!!

September 30, 2016

With today’s hike we connected most of the chunks of the bruce trail that we have hiked over the past few years.  We have hiked about 285 km of the middle.  This includes fully completing the Caledon Hills, Dufferin Hi-Lands and Blue Mountain sections of the trail.  It also means that we have completed the full section documented on paged 12-25 of the Bruce Trail guide (reminder there are 42 pages but pages do not include an equal amount of the trail).  We are feeling pretty excited about this accomplishment!

We had a moment of panic today when the trail looked familiar and we worried that at some point over the past 3 years our documentation had gone wrong (or one of us had just made a mistake).  We are using multiple tracking systems – spreadsheets, blogs, highlighters and the app – but in that moment the bench, the sign, and the hill all looked very familiar.  In reflection we think that after 285 km, parts of the trail will start to look similar.  However we did feel better when we came to the next bench and were 100% confident we had never seen it.

We also spent a fair amount of our hiking time remember the time we had parked at the spot we ended today and hiked over 18 km.  I’m not sure my blog post did it justice, but as we hiked today we remembered the snow, the mud, the distance and the hills (okay and the fun signs naming the hills).  The side trail to the car was all downhill today, but it was all uphill last time – neither option is great.  FYI As I just went insert a link to the blog post from that day in April 2015, I discovered there were 4 posts about that day – apparently I did it justice – post 1, post 2, post 3, post 4.

We are thankful to whoever has built a lovely gazebo next to the trail, as it was the perfect place to enjoy lunch.  It might have been a bit early for lunch, but when you come across a gazebo in the middle of the bush, you stop and enjoy it.   There was lot of activity where we met and parked, men getting ready to fish, the “lost” parking lot, things like that.  And then we met 2 other hikers who were doing the same section today.  But other than that, it was a quite day on the trail.

Below are a couple of photos.  We were inspired by the hashtag in the first one #maketodaymatter , what excellent advice.



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