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Hiking – the End of 2016

October 16, 2016

Last year we hiked the exact same days in October.  And while some things were the same, like the fact that there was a key Blue Jays game being played and that there were sections with lots of ups and down, in many ways our  experiences couldn’t be more different.  The biggest difference was the weather.  The end of this week was beautiful weather to be off of work and out enjoying the Bruce Trail.  Both Friday and Saturday were gorgeous! Warm, sunny, no rain in sight.  I put some pictures below, but the pictures don’t begin to captures the colours, the sunlight, the shadows, the mist in the morning, or the fall air.

Friday was a fantastic day of hiking.  The 12 km’s flew by and we finished up feeling great about the entire day.  There were benches to sit on, beautiful views of the Beaver Valley, and only a few other hikers until just near the end.  We finished up hiking through the area known as “Old Baldy”.  This is a well known destination among the locals for hiking and apparently for taking pictures of the beautiful fall colours with expensive cameras.  As Linda predicted, the people with the dog, also had a baby; and as in other recent hiking trips, this was not the only baby we crossed paths with.  We have observed that apparently only first borns get to experience the Bruce Trail, since we never see families with a baby AND a toddler or preschooler.  Friday was a great day of hiking!

Saturday we were up early and hiked past Hoggs Falls within minutes of being on the trail (for those of you familiar with the waterfalls of Grey County, this is one of them).  Unfortunately the next 5 or 6 km to Eugenia Falls (also part of the waterfalls of Grey County), was a lot of going up and then going down, then going up and then going down.  Several places the trail would climb to the top of a hill, only for their to be a bench at the top, not so much to look at and then the trail would head straight back down the hill.  This seemed unnecessary.  The area around Eugenia falls was also a very frustrating section.  In this area, there is not a lot of under brush, and there are lots of trails and trampled areas.  This makes “staying” on the Bruce Trail very difficult.  Despite my best efforts (as the leader) to go from blaze to blaze, more than once we were “off” the trail.  Thank goodness for the Bruce Trail app, which helped us know if we needed to turn around or could just keep going, slightly off the trail and reconnect again up a ways.  All in all it made for some very slow hiking.  For the last 1-2 km of the day it felt a bit like a small child had run through the bush, going up and down and around random trees to mark the trail.  Again it seemed like a lot of unnecessary up and down and round and round.  Clearly the trail in this section was not marked by someone doing the entire distance from Niagara to Tobermory.

But still we couldn’t have asked for 2 better days of hiking in October.  So many times we stopped to just enjoy the view, or the colours, the sun on our faces and the breeze in the air.

These were the last 2 days of hiking we have booked for 2016 (although you never know if we will fit in one more day close to home).  We hiked on 11 days and did a total of 121.9 km this year.  So far we have done 332.5 km and have 552.5 km of the entire trail left to complete.  It was a good year on the trail.





Hoggs Falls


Eugenia Falls



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