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more is not the same as better

November 27, 2016

More does not equal better.  And better does not need to equal more.  These 2 things are not the same.  Sometimes we forget that.

Today I have encountered two different messages/ideas about more and better.  The first came while at church.  We sang a song that talked about ‘more love’, ‘more hope’, ‘ more peace’, and ‘more joy’.  I’m not against these ideas, but today they just didn’t sit right me with.  I felt a bit like the song was saying there was none of this in my life, that the words were coming from deficit focus (and through my work I have tried to emphasis the idea of the assets each person has to share, not on a person’s deficits or challenges).  I had to remind myself that “more” doesn’t mean that I currently have ‘none’.

The second message, came in the form of blog which included the following idea: “Sometimes, in the rush for more, we get confused about what better means, and how attainable it is.”  This idea, in combination with my earlier experience with the song, had me thinking about how easily we get focused on wanting more of something.   Maybe we should try harder for ‘better’.  Work on having better relationships, doing better work, making the world (or our corner of it) a better place for all.

As we enter the Christmas season, and think about we will spend our time and money over the coming weeks, maybe we need to reconsider if our priority is “more” or “better”.



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