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slow down

December 5, 2016

These days I’m embracing the idea of slowing down.  This doesn’t always come easy.  At a time of year when everyone else seems to be rushing around with holiday preparations and life is filled with social events and Christmas celebrations, it can feel odd to say “I’m not that busy”.   It can feel a bit like something is wrong with me or my life that I don’t have more events, am not making lists (and checking them twice), and have time to sit and wonder why there aren’t more birds at my bird feeders.

How busy we are, at this time of year and at any time of year, is a choice.  Some activities and events can feel like obligations – things we do and participate in to keep others in our lives happy.  I understand that sometimes we make choices we might not prefer to make to preserve a relationship, and this is not a bad thing.  But we also have the choice to suggest that maybe we don’t need to buy as many gifts this year (or any for that matter), we can choose to take a day off of work to do the holiday activities that are important to us (like today I’m off from work and going to do some baking and get greenery for the outside of my house).

If you are happy with the pace of your life, this blog about slowing down is likely not relevant to you.  We each have to decide what works for us and our families.  However, if you are feeling rushed, feeling like you are missing the special Christmas moments, be reminded that slowing down is a choice.  The choices may not be easy, but things will never change or slow down until you change the choices you are making.


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