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it’s all about relationships…

December 12, 2016

At work we have been talking about the idea of social capital.  Which is really just a fancy word for relationships.  Which is just a big word to talk about the people in your life.

In so many situations and circumstances we do what we do as a result of the people in our life.  Even those of who are introverted and enjoy individual activities like reading and gardening, still have tons and tons of connections with people.  It’s those connections that keep us going back to the same places, that introduce us to new places and things, with whom we talk about our individual activities.  And similarly, it is the connections with people that make it difficult to change the places we go and the things we do.  I’ve heard countless tales of people who keep going to the same coffee shop because they like the people even though the coffee isn’t great; who continue going to the same church or faith community because even if it doesn’t totally meet their spiritual needs, they have strong relationships there; people who stay at their current job even though it isn’t great, because their co-workers are amazing and mitigate the impact of the other aspects of the work.

Good relationships can be the glue that keep us from making change.  We could see this as a negative thing.  As something that holds up back, or keep using doing something or going to a place for the wrong reasons.  An alternate perspective is that in these situations, these strong relationships hold us in place when things aren’t perfect or get a bit tough, or don’t perfectly meet our needs.  It’s the relationships that keep it from being easy to ‘jump ship’.  As with most things in life, it’s not all good or all bad.  This is just one more of tensions our lives that we can’t solve but need to continually work to manage.  And isn’t wonderful that we have great people in our lives who will help us do figure this out.  And it all comes back to relationships.


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