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the year in review

January 1, 2017

Over the past few days, every time you turned on the radio, clicked on social media, on watched TV, someone was doing a year in review.  You know the ones I mean, either the best of or the worst of or the most frequent or the top; and usually the end result was so sort of list.

Most years it’s easy to identify and talk about the highlights of our year, our personal “best of” list – the vacations, the concerts, the fun times with friends, the quiet moments in awe of nature.  And some years all those highlights are dimmed by the crappy thing life threw our way that we didn’t see coming.  At the end of those years, you find yourself hoping nobody asks you to reflect on your year and share the highlights, as even though they happened, it’s hard to not also think about the not so good stuff.  And yet maybe, just maybe, it’s during those times that we most need to celebrate the good.  Not to ignore or hide the bad, but to give ourselves permission to embrace both.  It’s not about making equal length lists with 10 points each or thinking that all things have equal weight, but to accept that life includes both.

So I don’t know what kind of year you had in 2016, but as we move into 2017, I hope you surround yourself with space and people who support you (in just the way you need) as you reflect on both the crappy things and the best things.


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