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experiences vs things

January 2, 2017

We remember experiences way more than we remember things.  We know this to be true.   We remember parties, and concerts, and vacations, and camping trips, and moments on the hiking trail, and late night chats with friends, and a million more experiences.  I remember far fewer of the things/stuff/possessions that have passed through my life over the years (of course there some – that first car, the favourite sweater, that special doll).

And yet does this reflect how we budget and/or spend our money and time?  Does it reflect how we set our goals and thinks about the year to come?

On New Years Eve a friend listed off some of her plans for 2017 – they were all experiences, none related to getting anything new.  When we spend our money and time on experiences we are happier than when we spend these resources on things.  This friend’s plans for 2017 were bang on, she knows that a 90s retro party is going to bring more joy and more memories than any item she might acquire.

So forget about the stuff.  As you plan and set your goals for 2017, what experiences are on your list?

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