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The Beaver Valley

June 5, 2017

We did some hiking on Friday and Saturday.  Well 27.2 km to be more specific.  There is a section of the Bruce Trail where the trail goes south along the Beaver Valley and then turns north and goes along the west side of the Beaver Valley.  We are now hiking along the west side.  While it’s kind of neat to look out over the valley and see the places we hiked and looked out on the east side; it also feels like we have been in hiking in this part of the province for a long time.  We are starting to feeling like Flesherton regulars.

The sections we hiked on Friday and Saturday we a mix of roads, fields, grass lands, wooded areas, wet areas, and hills.  So I guess you could say a good representation of the entire trail.  And our feet and muscles are feeling it.   And despite some other challenges, we focused on the fact that the weather was perfect for hiking.  To keep that positive feeling going, we choose to only do 2 days of hiking and not hike on Sunday as we had originally planned.  When we have a moment when we aren’t sure about our decisions to hike (or in this case not to hike), we remind ourselves that this is supposed to be fun and enjoyable.  We like hiking and we liking hiking the Bruce Trail, and we are happy be working towards our goal of doing the entire trail.  But we no longer feel obsessed with doing as much as we can, as quickly as we can.

And perhaps there is the wisdom from these couple of days on the trail.  To quote Linda from one point during our Saturday morning “Sometimes you hike up a mountain when you don’t need to”.  I wasn’t sure of the life lesson at the time, but now I think perhaps the learning in that statement is that it’s not about doing as much as you can, as quickly as you can; sometimes it’s just being not about achieving.

The waterfall where we had lunch on Friday.  There was a newly built deck with benches here.  And so even though we had only begun hiking 7 minutes before we got to here, we stopped to have lunch and enjoy the view.

I think perhaps I took pictures of these red roofed buildings from the other side as well. The ridge in the background is the East part of the trail, just north of Old Baldy.

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