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hiking – change of plans

June 20, 2017

Due to the unpredictable weather forecast these past few days, we made some changes to our hiking plans.  We had originally planned on hiking for two days (Monday and Tuesday) and finishing up the Beaver Valley section of the trail (near Markdale).  But the risk of thunderstorms resulted in some changes.  Instead we choose to hike only 1 day (Monday), and so with this change, also changed the hiking location.

We spent a beautiful, hotter than expected, Monday hiking through parts of the Dundas Valley and then into the west end of Hamilton.  While we had been to the Dundas Valley to hike several times in the past, perhaps our recent hiking pattern of being on less traveled sections of the Bruce Trail, caused to forget how well maintained and “easy” the trails are through the Conservation area.  The first portion of yesterday’s hike was on wide, gravel packed trails.  No worries about roots, no worries about brushing against poison ivy, no long grass with the risk of ticks.  All these positive features, also means there were lots of people, bikes, dogs, and babies.  We were out of the habit of seeing people when we hike.

A highlight of the hike was meeting a couple of hikers who were from Vancouver.  They had come to Ontario just to do the Bruce Trail. It was day 7 of there month long of hiking.  We celebrated that they identified us as fellow “hikers” (vs dog walkers – their words).

It was a beautiful day for a hike.  And today while I write this and look out my window at the gray, overcast, sky that looks like rain, I’m happy with our decision to only do one day.

The photo below is of Sherman Falls – which is visible from the trail, but apparently privately owned.  Thanks to the waterfalls owners for letting the trail pass by this beautiful site.

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