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Learning & Teaching

July 17, 2017

Most of us have things we want to learn.

All of us have things we could teach others.

Learning and Teaching are activities that seldom happen in isolation.  Learning and teaching involves interacting with other people.  Even on-line learning and teaching involves interacting with someone, whether it’s the person who created the written material or the person who posted the video on YouTube.

There are so many people and groups and communities that want and need you.  Some have skills and want to share them with you.  Others need you to teach and share the skills you have.

But learning and teaching also means change.  You never know what will happen when you connect with others (even indirectly by posting a video) as part of sharing what you have to teach.  You never know how you will grow or your life with change as a result of learning about something new or gaining a new skill.


If you weren’t afraid of change, what could you learn?

And if you weren’t afraid of rejection, what would you teach?

Today consider what you want to learn and who might be able to share that with you.  Also consider what you have to teach and who you could share that with.  If it’s easier to take a small step, maybe consider people you already know.  Or maybe it’s time to take the big leap.

Either way, consider this thought: “Each of us is becoming, becoming something better or something worse. And we become what we teach and what we learn.”

What do you want to learn today?  What could you teach someone else?


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