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a meaningful object

January 8, 2018

As part of a class I taking, I have been encouraged to bring “an object that is particularly meaningful to me”.

I can’t think of what to take.

I find this a bit ironic, since I have so many objects (i.e., I have lots of stuff) and love so many objects (e.g., note books, nativity scenes, books, scarves, letters received when we still sent mail, the list goes on).

But as it turns out, while I love many objects, there aren’t any I feel worthy of taking to class.  As I look around my home, there isn’t a specific object that I feel I would need to save if my house were on fire.

I would like to think this means altruistic things about me, like that I value people and memories more than things.  But then again, it’s about not wanting to care too much about any one thing as to avoid the potential pain that comes were that item to get lost, broken, or worn out (not such an altruistic, but rather more shallow idea).  Then again maybe it’s a bit of both.

So what object would you take to class? What object is particularity meaningful to you?  Why?  What do the objects in our lives say about us?

Aside, if you read my blog and know me personally, feel free to share you ideas for an object you think is meaningful to me.  Class is Wednesday. 🙂

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