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becoming less comfortable in the world

January 13, 2018

I recently saw a video where older adults were speaking about their experiences with aging.  One man commented that he was “less comfortable in the world than he used to be”.  That comment has stuck with me.

We are shaped by the world/culture/society we live in.  But that world/culture/society (whatever you want to call it) and all it encompasses keeps changing.  In most cases, we change and adapt in response to those changes.  If those changes consciously or unconsciously make us slightly uncomfortable, as we adapt, we once again find a spot of comfortableness.  And yet, perhaps there comes a point when things around us keep changing and we no longer adapt as fully or as well.  As the changes continue, perhaps gradually and then suddenly we are no longer as comfortable in the world where we find ourselves in.

The most obvious example of where this might apply is with respect to technology.  But I think it applies to many more aspects of our world/culture/society as well.  Think about all the things that have changes in the past 80-100 years – it’s not just technology – it’s changes in social roles, changes in types of occupations, changes in media, changes, changes, changes.  It’s not surprising then if at some point, a person begins to feel they don’t quite fit anymore and are not so comfortable.

This comment and idea stuck with me.  And it had me wondering at what point in our lives we start to have this feeling.  I’m guessing it is different for different situations/examples. I’m also guessing it’s different for each person. Do you sometimes feel this way?  Do you think it’s something we can change?  Do you think it’s something we should be trying to change?  Maybe it’s a part of growing older in a society that focuses on youth?  I don’t have any answers, but it’s really got me thinking.  And thinking is good.

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