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Do you value your time like you value your money?

May 22, 2018

There is a key difference between time and money.  But I’m not sure we always realize this.

The difference is that you can’t save up time.  You can’t refuse to spent it.  You can’t set time aside for a rainy day.

Sometimes we get caught in the trap of thinking about time like we think about money.  We think that it’s possible to save it up for something special.  That if we use it wisely there will be more of it in the long run.

That is not the case.  We do need to use our time wisely and we do need to take efforts to ensure that how we use our time reflects our values (just like we need to take efforts to ensure that how we use our money reflects our values and that we are spending our money wisely).  But time is not the same as money.  Once it’s gone it’s gone, and unlike money there is no way of making more or of dipping into a saving account.  So value your time and think about whether you are spending your time or if your time is spending you.


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  1. Hi Megan! Great thoughts…reminds me that I miss talking to you! I am also checking out your site, as I am having trouble setting up something that our group can see, write in, and comment on. I have discovered that I could write quite a bit in the reply section. I had no idea it could be so challenging. I thought my needs were simple:).

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