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we keep learning, we keep growing, we keep going

October 7, 2018

It’s it great to know that we keep learning, we keep growing, and we keep going.

Recently I was reminded that we learn as we go.  And that if we stop going, then we stop learning.

But I’m going to add to this idea: not only do we learn as we go, I think we also grow as we learn.

Yesterday I spoke with someone about that idea that while we might like things to happen/change in large events, an aha  moment, or a sudden change in thinking; that rarely happens.  Most of the changes in knowledge and attitudes and hence in our life are the result of the gradual learning and growing that comes with going through life.  The learning and growing and new ideas that come from daily experiences, talks with others, the things we listen to or watch.

And here’s the thing, if we don’t want to learn and grow then I guess we need to stop “going”.  And yet I don’t think that’s really an option.  So if that’s not an option, why not embrace and celebrate the ways we continue to learn and grow and be okay with life being an ever evolving process and experience.

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