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identifying our values

November 4, 2018

I’ve written about values frequently over the past few years.  Before starting to write this blog post, I did a quick search of my posts to see if there were some I should link back to as part of this post, and there were.  So check out those links at the bottom if you are interested.  The ideas in today’s post are part of my ever evolving (and ideally improving) thoughts and understanding about values and how they shape our actions.

For the second time in the past year, I was recently exposed to someone else’s thoughts and ideas on how our personal values shape our lives.  What’s interesting is that in both cases, the person spoke or wrote about the importance of deciding which values we want to be guiding out actions.  As you may have guessed the idea that our values shape our choices and actions is one I fully agree with.  But I’ve never been able to come up with my personal list of 3 or 5 values (or 10) that I was going to use to guide my life.

And then a couple of days ago, I had an aha moment.  It’s it funny how sometimes it’s the simplest things that can come to us like turning on a light in a dim room and all of a sudden the way we have been thinking turns in a new direct, and that new direction seems like the right direction (at least for the time being).  My ah moment was this: I’ve been trying to make a list of values I want to have guiding my life (which is a great thing to think about), but for me personally, what I need to do before I can make that list, is spend some time making the list of the values that currently shape my actions.  The aha moment was that I’m not ready (or perhaps not the kind of person) who can make a sudden turn and drastically change who I am and how I make decisions (aka what I value).  Rather I need to spend some time understanding the deep down values that currently guide me, and why they do, and the purpose they serve for me, before I can make the shift to being guided by different values.

My aha moment was that maybe the question isn’t: “What values to do you want to guide your choices and actions?” but rather: “What values currently guide your choices and actions?”.



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  1. Great, thanks for sharing about value, for sure something to reflect on as I look back and look forward.

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