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will it matter in a year…

November 17, 2018

Many of the things that today are stressing you out and that you think are urgent issues to be solved or addressed, likely won’t be so important in a year.

It’s highly likely you won’t even remember what you thought was so urgent today.

Most of the “emergencies” of today are no longer important in a week, a month, and for sure not in a year.

The “urgerts” of today don’t last.  They fade.  They go away.

How can knowing that, change how you respond?  You logically know you will outlast them; you will survive this urgent thing; “this too shall pass”?   They are a task for the day, not a problem or a reason to panic.

Remind yourself, that it might matter in a year if you did whatever the urgent thing was, but it won’t matter in a year if you stressed out or not.  In fact it’s likely better for your overall health if you can figure out a way to not stress.

We outlast today’s emergencies and urgent things.  And will it matter in a year?

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