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belonging and inclusion

December 2, 2018

Over the past few days I’ve been reminded of the power of inclusion and belonging.

We all want to be included and belong.  It’s wonderful to know we are a part of something.  It’s so important to feel connected to others.

We can belong to groups, clubs, families.  We can feel inclusion and belonging when we spend time with people with similar values and beliefs.  We are connected to others when we participate in community events, large or small.

I took a workshop years ago, that included a behaviour traits self-assessment.  As part of getting the self-assessment results or profile, there was a reminder that no specific behaviour trait was in itself problematic, but that one should be cautious and aware of situations where the behaviour could be extreme or over exhibited, and in those cases it could be problematic.

I wonder if inclusion and belong comes with a similar caution.  Be aware that as you celebrate and embrace the places and ways you feel belonging (which is wonderful and good), that you don’t unintentional leave others feeling left out.

We all need to be included and belong.  We all can make others feel they belong and are included.

Cheers to Inclusion and Belonging!

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