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What if we weren’t afraid anymore?

December 10, 2018

What would you do if you weren’t afraid?

Bob Goff (Everybody Always) says the following: “Someone once asked me what I would write if I only had six words for my autobiography.  Here is what I came up with: What if we weren’t afraid anymore?”

I’ve see or read this quote before.  But this morning when I read it in the context of the book, and a chapter entitled ‘Be. Not. Afraid.’, and having just listened on Sunday to the stories of the angel appearing to Mary, the angel appearing to Joseph, and the angels appearing the shepherds, the quote resonated with me so much more.

What am I so afraid of?  What might I do if I wasn’t afraid?  Are the things I’m afraid of truly things to fear or just discomforts and challenges I might experience.  I think we are often afraid of giving up what is known and comfortable and predictable in our lives.  At least I know I am.

What aren’t you doing because you are held back by a fear of something?

What might amazing things might all of us do if we weren’t afraid?

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