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choice, power, and fear

January 20, 2019

Most of us have more choice and power than we realize.

Most of us fail to fully seize the choices and power that we have.

And I’m going to suggest that it’s fear that holds us back.

The fear of change can stop us from trying something new, or being more flexible in our routines.

Fear of rejection can stop us from suggesting an idea, inviting someone over, or making a recommendation.

Fear of not being enough can stop us from volunteering with a community organization, or lending a hand to a neighbour.

Fear of having an impact can stop us from voting, or writing our thoughts and putting them out their in a blog or publishing a book.

Fear of failure can stop us from putting up our hand for a project at work or learning a new skill.

It can be easy to think we don’t have choice.  Easy to think we don’t have power.  But in reality we have so much power, and so many opportunities to make choices.  And this power and these choices can change our lives, our relationships, our neighborhoods, and our world.  We just need to find a way to not let fear hold us back.


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