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April 2, 2019

Choosing a word.

Have you heard of this idea?  I’ve come across this idea in a few different places.  How I describe the idea is that basically you choose a word, that provides you with focus or vision for a period of time.  The period of time could be defined (e.g., a year, a month, or for the Christmas season), or it could be more open ended.

While not opposed to this idea, until now I’ve never personally done it.

Then the other day the word “grace” came to me.

Grace is what I want to focus on in the coming days and weeks (maybe months).  When my natural instinct is to be frustrated by something someone says or does or to judge someone else, instead I say the word grace to myself.  And then I think about what it means to have grace for that person or in that particular situation.

Here’s the thing.  When the word “grace” first came to me, I was thinking it applied to how I think about, feel about, and interact with others.  And this is good, and this remains my goal.  But then there was a moment when I realized I also need to show “grace” to myself.  Grace isn’t just for others, grace is for everyone.  And everyone includes me.


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