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a simple set of rules

April 3, 2019

When are doing something new, we often ask the person teaching or coaching us to provide us with a set of rules.  The decision tree, the “if – then” statements, the ‘how to guide’.  We want whatever it is we are learning to do, to be simple and come with easy to implement instructions.

The challenge is that the teacher or coach (often the more experienced expert), usually knows that whatever it is you are trying to do is not so simple, that it can’t be synthesized down to a few simple if then rules.

This reality applies to most of what we do in life.  It applies to helping people become connected to their community and foster relationships.  It applies to managing a barn of chickens.  It applies to running a business or organization.  It applies to how best to help a friend through a challenging situation.

Life and the things we do are rarely so simple that you can write out the decision tree or create a list of if-then rules.  When we are first doing something we really want it to be simple, as at that moment is all feels so overwhelming.  The truth is that as we become more familiar with doing something, we see that there are many variables and many many ways of doing something.  The good news is that we also become more comfortable with all the complexities and stop looking for the simple set of rules.


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