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Scarcity vs Abundance

May 1, 2019

“We fill our lives with a fear of scarcity – scarcity of love, time, patience, money…”

This quote is from a sermon I heard over a year and half ago.  It’s been in my phone notes since then.  I don’t really have a source to attribute it to.  I really thought I had already written a blog about it, but a quick search says I have not.  It resonated with me at the time and still does.

Recently I’ve been thinking about the ideas of scarcity and abundance a lot.  Despite having written down the sermon quote and despite not having forgotten it, I becoming aware of a personal blind spot when it comes to me and scarcity.  I didn’t think I had too big a problem with a scarcity mentality.  I knew I get stressed about not having enough time, but I thought I was doing pretty good when it came to money, love, and all the other things.

And then somewhere recently I was reminded of the concept of abundance.  The idea of “ample quantity” and “a relative degree of plentifulness” (dictionary definitions of this word).  On a cognitive level I believe in the message we were taught as children, that love is something if you give it away, and that you will end up having more.  And I believe this applies not just to love but to money, and time, and patience, and grace, and so many other things.  I want to be a person that approaches life from a perspective of abundance; to not hoard these things, but to give freely and without fear.

I thought I was somewhat immune to the fear of scarcity.  But it wasn’t until I thought about the opposite of scarcity, that is I thought about abundance that I realized that while cognitively I believe in the philosophy of abundance, I’m not sure anymore that my actions always reflect this belief.  Sometimes it takes reframing something or hearing about it from the other side or another perspective, to help us dig deeper and process further and learn more about ourselves.

For me it’s not enough to just not be driven by a fear of scarcity; but rather I need to fully embrace a life of abundance and have my actions reflect that there is room for more.

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