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it’s hard until it’s easy

May 21, 2019

I know this to be true.  Many things are hard (aka challenging/uncomfortable/take energy) until they become easy.  I have frequently been known to remind people of this with respect to physical activity.  It might be a challenge to run the first kilometre, but if you keep running, eventually 1 kilometre will be easy and feel like no distance.

But here is the thing.  I forgot that this idea applies to many things in life.  Most recently I have been reminded of this in the context of relationships and friendships.  When you don’t see people regularly or frequently, it can seem like it requires a lot of effort and initiative to find a time to get together and then that time together also often takes extra energy as you “catch up” and find that sweet spot between not knowing what is going on in the person’s daily life making and conversations flowing easily between little things and big things and fully sharing.  I find myself just not connecting an not reaching out to people, because I am in the place where it all takes extra effort, where it is hard not easy.  This leads to a cycle where becuase it’s hard, I don’t do it, but by not doing it, it’s always going to be hard.  What I need to keep reminding myself of is, just like with exercise, it will never get easy if I don’t preserve through the hard and uncomfortable stage at the beginning.

It’s hard until it’s easy.  This is a truth.  A second truth is that if we stick with it (whatever it may be), there is an easy stage next.  Start.  Stick with it. End the cycle.

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