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seize the day

May 22, 2019

One of the best parts of not having structured work is that when the sun is shining I have more ability to seize the day.  This past long weekend in southwestern Ontario was mostly cold and rainy.  And yesterday, Tuesday, back to work day for many was sunny and warm and the perfect day for working outside.  I didn’t have to mow my lawn on a cold grey windy day.  Instead I seized yesterday and mowed lawn, spread mulch, and spent an hour at lunchtime reading in the warmth of the sun on my deck.   It’s a wonderful benefits of unstructured work.

One of the most challenging parts of not having structured work is that I have to seize the day.  Monday was my birthday, I generally have taken my birthday “off” from work (or a proxy day if it’s on the weekend).  Monday was also cold and rainy, and so on Monday I did employment related work inside on the computer.  Sometimes the best day to do the work, is a day that when I had structured employment, I would have considered a non-work day.  This is one of the drawbacks of unstructured work.

Seizing the day doesn’t mean just doing what you want.  Seizing the day means doing what is the best thing to be doing on that particular day, in keeping with your overall personal goals.  While not always easy, I am enjoying having the flexibility to be living a seize the day lifestyle.

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