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lots of mud and lots of ups & downs

June 1, 2019

Yesterday we hiked.  We are starting a bit later this year that some years, but perhaps that is good, as it’s been a really wet spring and there was so much mud.  We spent a lot of time going around the muddy spots.  We slipped, we fell, we got very dirty, we slipped in the non-muddy spots because our boots had so much mud on them.  We preserved.  Close to the end of our hike for the day, when we met 2 people on the trail who tried to balance on sticks and branches to go around the mud, we just hiked right through the middle of it, by that point we had learned that going through the middle was less complicated than going around.  And as we discussed while hiking – we both tend to choose “less complicated” (sorry Bruce Trail book page 11 – but it’s the main reason we haven’t hiked you yet).

It was a beautiful day, not too hot, a slight breeze, manageable bugs.  It was also a beautiful section (urban – so easy to find a bathroom before we started), but not so urban that we felt like we were walking through town.  It was a section with a lot of stairs and hills.  We were warned about the steps by a fellow hiker we passed early in the day, at the time we didn’t realize the full scope of his comment.  We may have enjoyed the end section along the creek and rapids more, had we not been a bit rushed to finish and get home for the day.  We committed to enjoying the large waterfall right near the end parking lot the next time we start out from that spot.

Waterdown, Dundas, north Hamilton area – there are so many trails and so many waterfalls.  And its so close to home.  Happy to have discovered some new hiking gems in the area.

And in other, but related news, after hiking yesterday, using the 27 edition of the Bruce Trail Guide, we have hiked more than half of the trail, 450 km completed, 432 km to go.

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