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modus operandi

June 19, 2019

modus operandi: a particular way or method of doing something, especially one that is characteristic or well-established.

Yesterday while sitting at a stop light, I suddenly saw the connection between two very different parts of my life.  The connection I observed, as really more of a pattern or moduc operandi.  Basically I realized, that the way I respond to one situation is basically identical to the way I respond to a very different situation.  Because the situations are so different, until now, I had failed to notice the pattern.

We all have modus operandi or patterns in how we think, act, and respond.  Often we fail to notice that something is actually a pattern.

I was excited to notice the pattern, it was a light bulb or aha moment.  The more challenging next step is changing my modus operandi to get to the place and person I want to be.

What patterns might you be missing?

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