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too full, full, not full enough… they are not so far apart

June 21, 2019

We tend to think about things in life as being on a continuum.  That is a line, with an idea at one end and opposite idea at the other end.  We often think that there is a magical spot in the middle (i.e., the “just right” spot), and that there is lots of space between the two ends (i.e., that the line is long).

Perhaps our tendency to think this is not 100% accurate.

Over the past week or so as I have thought about the idea of “slack” in our lives, our work, our schedules AND also the idea of a full life, I’ve had the realization, that there is a very small difference between too much slack, just the right amount of slack, and feeling like there is no slack at all.  This is also true when I think about social time vs home time.  When I think about a full schedule vs a schedule with lots of commitment.  When I think about enough activity vs no activity.

We a mistaken when we think that the ends of the line, the ends of the continuum are far apart.  In reality, the line is very short, and we move between the ends day by day and sometimes minute by minute.  And the fact that we can’t find the sweet spot in the middle and maintain it, is okay.  As it’s in experiencing both ends that we come to know ourselves and appreciate the simple joys of life.

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