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words matter

June 24, 2019

I’ve written before about the power of language and words.  And in those posts, I was talking about the words we say out loud to others during the course of conversation.

I’ve also written before about the power of narrative.  Those posts were about the words we say to ourselves inside our heads.  Narrative also refers to the stories we tell ourselves and each other about who we are or are not (as often may be the case).

In all these situations, words matter.

Words are so powerful.  The words we use in our heads, in our communities, in our conversations shape what we think, feel, and believe is possible.

The exciting thing is that if we don’t like what we are thinking, feeling or believing is possible, the simple act of changing our words can have a huge impact.   Use new words.  Say in your head “Stop!”, and then repeat the thought with new words or reframed in a new way.  Use the words in your head (and what you say outloud) to rewrite the story.  The words you use can create a different future.

Words are powerful.  You can change them.  And in changing them you will change what you think, feel, and experience.  And it’s all within your control.

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